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Carinne Leibovici

French Psychologist Tel Aviv
French psychologist Tel Aviv
French psychologist Tel Aviv

As a licensed Clinical psychologist and psycholinguist, I specialize in the treatment of various psychological and relational disorders in children, adolescents and adults. 

After obtaining a Master in  Clinical Psychology and psychopathology  and a Master in Psycholinguistics at the University of Paris 5 Descartes , I worked for several years in medical clinics specialized in the diagnosis and the treatment of children with mild to severe developmental and communication disorders.

In 2009, I opened my private practice in Paris, where I treated adult patients in individual or couple therapies, and teenagers and children within the framework of  individual  or family therapies.

In parallel with my practice, I collaborated and participated in a French television program,  SOS MY FAMILY NEEDS HELP , broadcasted every Sunday evening on a French channel (NRJ12), in which, Pascal Soetens, specialized educator and myself, helped families in difficulties.

My approach is to combine  a variety of methods and approaches, also in collaboration with many doctors and paramedical professionals aiming for optimal, comprehensive and multidisciplinary care.


Coming from an initial background in Asset Management   (Master from the University of Paris 9 Dauphine), I first worked, for several years, in a private management firm, in which I was in charge of setting up analysis strategies and organizational techniques. While managing staff, I acquired during this experience, important knowledge in team work, inter-personal relationships, business development and the various issues encountered within a company. This is the reason, I provide Professional Coaching.


You can contact me through the site in the Contact tab or by email:

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